Testing Supplies

Chlorine Test Kit

Test Kits

We provide high-quality test kits and reagents for all of your needs. Test kits are customizable - you select the reagents and components appropriate for you testing requirements.

All our test kits feature our unique EndPoint IDTM test procedures. These procedures offer photographic instructions and color coded caps to help simplify your testing.

Product Image - Hach's DR/890 and DR/850 Colorimeter


Colorimeters, Conductivity Meters, pH Meters, ORP Meters and Accessories.

Product Image - Plastic Cabinet

Lab Equipment

We offer a wide selection of lab equipment and supplies. Some of the items you will find are balances, burets, filter paper, glassware, pipets, test strips and test cabinets. We can also source other items. If we don't have what you are looking for, call us at 866-264-8453 and we can work with you to find what you need.

Private labeled chemicals

Chemicals and Reagents

All of the chemicals and reagents that we offer are manufactured in the U.S. Starting materials are usually ACS grade or higher and all reagents have Certificate of Analysis available. NIST-traceability is available on items such as calibration solutions. Induction seals (like a Tylenol bottle) under the caps ensure product integrity and decrease the possibility of a leak during shipment. Private labeling is available on all our chemicals and reagents.