What is EnduroSolv®?

EnduroSolv® Water Treatment is the next generation of cooling tower and boiler treatment. It not only provides all the benefits of traditional water treatment chemicals, but also offers many advantages for your employees and customers.

EnduroSolv® has been nominated for the:

EPA's 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Award

Solid Water Treatment

Benefits of Solid Water Treatment

The patented EnduroSolv® process enables the mixing of several chemical components into one container in a solid concentrate, without the addition of hazardous liquid chemicals. The chemicals can now be applied straight from the container; no mixing is required. In addition, virtually all of the limitations of liquid chemicals are minimized or eliminated with the application of EnduroSolv® products.

Our innovative process provides a host of additional benefits to facilities and organizations that transition to EnduroSolv® solids: (For more information on any of these subjects, just click on that topic's text.)

Go Green

Help Your Facility Go Green

Are environmental issues a growing focus of your organization? If so, EnduroSolv® Solid Concentrate chemistry can help you reach your "Green" goals.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

EnduroSolv® products are much lighter than their liquid counterparts and do not require the addition of caustic. Shipment of this hazardous chemical is eliminated and the reduced weight means significantly reduced energy and fuel required to transport EnduroSolv® products.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Help Reduce Risk & Liability Concerns

Using EnduroSolv® products can help you Reduce Risk and Liability issues in many ways:

  • No heavy drums to move.
  • Eliminate Spill potentials.
  • No pails of chemicals to move.
  • No drum disposal issues.
  • No On-Site Storage issues.

Reduce Economic Concerns

Reduce Economic Concerns

EnduroSolv® Solid Concentrate chemistry uses state of the art proven chemicals, manufactured into a solid concentrate, transported in a low carbon footprint profile, and applied easily at your site with our patented dissolving system. You receive all of the benefits of a well run chemical program, without the hassles of dealing with liquids.