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Greg was formerly a certified Street Light Tech with American Lighting and Signalization in Dayton. He began as a Ground man there and worked his way up to Street Light Tech.  He has successfully completed training in OSHA 10, confined space, boom truck/digger, derrick truck, and currently possesses a Class B CDL with passenger endorsement.  He was a heavy equipment operator and has worked on multiple contracts with Duke, DP&L, and ODOT. Greg was responsible for teaching new employees proper procedures per each contract.

 He began his career with Solid Blend Technologies in 2012. In his position as Water Technologist, Greg is responsible for performing and maintaining scheduled water treatment service for steam boiler systems, hot water circulation boilers, cooling tower systems, and other water-based process heating/cooling systems. He is also responsible for the installation, programming, and maintenance of various automated treatment controllers and related equipment. His duties also include documenting and reporting the test results and findings at all service locations, working closely with customers to keep them informed of the current progress and status of their water treatment program, and assisting with any related on-site problems or issues.








Greg Franklin