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Jeremy has completed a four year HVAC apprenticeship program through The Association of Builders and Contractors at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. He was formerly employed by Wendy's, Bellbrook, Ohio. Where he worked his way through the ranks from crew member to Assistant Manager. Tasks at Wendy's included running opening and closing shifts, cash audits, training, and many other various tasks.

He is currently employed by Solid Blend Technologies, Dayton, Ohio, for the last five years. In his position as Water Technologist, Jeremy is responsible for performing and maintaining scheduled water treatment service for Steam Boiler systems, Hot Water Circulation Boilers, Cooling Tower systems, and other water-based process heating/cooling systems. He is also responsible for the installation, programming, and maintaining of the function of various automated treatment controllers and related equipment. Also responsible for documenting and reporting the test results and findings at all service locations, work closely with customers to keep them informed of the current progress and status of their water treatment program, and assist with any related on site problems or issues. He is currently attending a Low Pressure Steam boiler Class at Sinclair Community College and is pursuing his Stationary Engineering License.








Jeremy Greth