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Note from the President

Compliance or complacence? As you juggle everything from staffing to rushed projects to unexpected repairs, it can be easy to become complacent about compliance. That’s when trouble starts. Here are a few tips to help you meet your compliance goals:

  • Create a water management plan that is site specific, to aligns with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2018 and satisfies CMS requirements.
  • Review your water management plan annually for changes that may have occurred.
  • Make sure you have a system in place to keep track of records, so inspections and audits run smoothly.

If you’re in need of water management service or just have questions, we’re happy to chat.

Lois Elrich, President
Solid Blend Technologies

Did You Know.

a Solid Blend client has never had a Legionella outbreak?

Complex Problems May Require Custom Solutions

Sometimes, a water management challenge needs a customized solution. A few years ago we helped a medical center solve a fouling issue caused by mineral-affected groundwater. They needed a solution to prevent the chiller plant heat exchangers from fouling, while still allowing the chiller plant to operate at its designed efficiency. We did extensive research of facilities facing similar problems and found several in Iowa and Virginia that were seeing positive results from using an Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning System (ATCS). We brought this new technology to our region and our client saw an ROI of 2.04 years and a total cost savings of nearly $16,000. Further observation found that the design efficiency was maintained, and that the ATCS maintained clean heat exchangers saving our client $11,000 annually on energy consumption. Having the right partner to find the right solutions for you can make all the difference in saving you both time and money.

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Planning a Renovation or Expansion? Know How Projects Can Affect Your Potable Water Distribution System

Managing an existing potable water distribution systems takes one set of requirements. But managing a system during constructing, expansion or repairs, or commissioning piping that has been dormant, takes another. In fact, construction can cause new and different risks for Legionella outbreaks. If your facility is planning construction, expansion or renovation that affects your potable water distribution system, make sure safety measures for your potable water distribution system are included, and documented in your water management plan.

When new plumbing is installed, or when plumbing is undergoing repairs, activities can agitate bio-film, foreign material and bacteria which could be introduced into the piping distribution system. If not disinfected properly, these conditions can threaten the health of your facility’s guests and residents.

To prevent these health hazards, distribution piping must be properly sanitized. One way we often recommend disinfecting pipe systems is with chlorination. This should be done when piping distributions systems are first installed or modified, if repairs or services have been performed, or if the piping system has been sitting dormant. Disinfection will:

  • Inactivate waterborne pathogens, like Legionella
  • Help prevent early bio-film formation
  • Keep you in compliance with the AWWA Standard C651-92

Before commissioning your potable piping distribution system, following new construction, renovation or just a period of downtime we suggest consulting an expert to perform proper disinfection. Our expert technologists have extensive experience helping facilities safely put their potable piping system into operation.

Urgent Situation? Prompt Response.

If your water system has been compromised or endangered, you don’t have a minute to lose. A prompt, on-site response from experts can help mitigate risk, reduce repair costs and even avert loss of life. Experienced remediation experts like those of us at Solid Blend can offer step-by-step support, from remediation to flushing and cleaning. Call us whenever you need support.

We’re honored to be trusted by clients during emergent situations. Here’s what one recently had to say about our actions, “You demonstrated a great level of understanding and professionalism that provided a sense of security and confidence to an already heightened situation. I very much appreciate you both taking the time to accurately assess the situation and plumbing systems before acting. Today, there seems to be a rush to do things without full attention to detail or accuracy. As you know, if chlorination/disinfection is not done correctly, the facility and this investigation would take several steps backwards, and human lives are truly at stake.”

Industry News

How well do you know ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2018? The Standard is a helpful tool to use when developing a water management plan and mitigating Legionella, but there are some things it does not address.

ASHRAE 188 is a standard developed to prevent the growth and spread of Legionella. It serves as a framework for proactively managing building water systems and reducing the potential for Legionella growth in these systems. While this standard helps facilities manage their complex water systems, it does not provide guidance on target water parameters, such as temperature and disinfectant levels. It does not describe how to perform emergency remediation or give guidance about what to do if cases of disease are associated with your facility. That is where our expert water technologists and experience in Legionella control can help you. We can help your facility identify target water parameters, and should you find yourself in the middle of an outbreak we can provide expert guidance on how to restore your water system.

Continued Education

The EPA has a library of helpful water safety and management-related webinars. Learn about everything from wise water use in commercial spaces to cutting costs with water conservation, and do it whenever and wherever it works best for you. For more information, click here.