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Fall 2019 Update

Note from the President

2019 has tried the strength and heart of all of us in Dayton. And the challenges we faced as a city during the KKK rally, Memorial Day tornadoes and summer mass shooting helped prove one thing: we are there for each other, #DaytonStrong. Our offices sustained damage during the storms, and we are grateful to Dayton’s Monster Roofing and Construction for their quick response and our new roof. We know what it’s like to be a vendor partner during an urgent situation, and have helped many clients assess and remediate during a water crisis. If we can ever be of help to you, please let us know.

Lois Elrich, President
Solid Blend Technologies

Prepare Your Cooling System During Seasonal Changes

As we welcome the cooler temperatures of fall it is time to start the cooling tower lay-up process to protect your cooling system from corrosion during the colder winter months. Conducting cooling tower inspections, physical cleanings and disinfections before a seasonal shut down will keep you in compliance with ASHRAE’s 188 Legionella Standard, and help protect your cooling tower from damage, corrosion and sludge buildup. Our expert water technologists have worked with a variety of facilities in industries ranging from healthcare systems, long-term care facilities and public use buildings. We’re happy to schedule a consultation and develop a plan that fits your needs. Give us a call at 866-264-8453.

When CMS Comes Knocking, Will You Be Ready? How One Facility Prepped (and Had Zero Citations)

A written water management plan is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for any facility accepting CMS funding. When this regulation was put into place just a couple of years ago, we worked with our client, Wexner Heritage Village to develop a plan that was in compliance with the new regulation before their next inspection. We conducted a thorough walkthrough of their facility and worked with our innovative partner, Special Pathogens Lab, to create the plan and presented it for approval. The plan was then reviewed for compliance with the new CMS regulation and finalized. When Wexner had their annual ODH survey after working with us, they were pleased to report it was the first time in at least 20 years that their water management plan was found to have zero citations. Our team regularly reviews and receives training on federal, state and local laws, knowledge and expertise that we are happy to share with our clients.

Prevent Frozen Pipes,
Pick Up your FREE Glycol Test Today

Cooler nights are here and before we know it freezing temperatures will be a regular occurrence. Is your system ready? When the glycol is below needed concentrations in closed loop heating, cooling or process water system, it reduces the potency of corrosion inhibitors and can lead to leaks, fouling, blockages and frozen pipes. Our clients who have purchased glycol from Solid Blend are eligible for a FREE comprehensive glycol analysis that includes a general test, along with an analysis of degradation products, scale promoters, contaminants, corrosives and inhibitors. We will also provide a written report with a suggested action plan to get your system ready for cooler weather.

Continued Education

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a webinar with great information on the role of water management to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. Watch the webinar here to learn how you can utilize information collected during a facility assessment to establish water use reduction goals and develop your water management plan.

Industry News

Clean water is vital and it should be everyone’s business. Your customers, patients, employees and patrons all depend on you to keep a watchful eye on potentially harmful bacteria levels and take fast action if dangerous levels are detected. When all is said and done, policy and laws like ANSI / ASHRAE 188 have the potential to save lives. Here’s an in-depth look at the continued fallout from Flint, Michigan’s water crisis, which spawned one of the largest Legionnaires’ outbreaks in U.S. history. It’s an eye-opening and informative dive into how lack of oversight led to a downward spiral that has no end in sight.