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Happy New Year!

Note from the President

Happy New Year!

We hope that 2018 was a positive year for you. We’re thankful 2018 was filled with many accomplishments for us, including our Legionella Summit. The Legionella Summit gave us a platform to share life-saving information and our passion: water safety. On top of that, 93% of Summit attendees rated the overall experience to be excellent! Perhaps you’ll join us for our next one? We look forward to what 2019 brings and continuing to provide facilities with peace of mind for people like you through compliancy and clean water.

Lois Elrich, President
Solid Blend Technologies

The Power of Proactive Monitoring

Monitoring can fly under the radar as a mundane task, but it recently saved a 600,000+ square foot hospital near Dayton, Ohio from a potentially deadly Legionella outbreak. Solid Blend’s proactive monitoring of this facility revealed high levels of Legionella bacteria in their potable water system. Upon discovering this, Solid Blend conducted several remediation tactics to clean the water and find the best long-term solution for the hospital. We collaborated with design engineers, the Ohio EPA and multiple secondary disinfection system manufacturers to reduce the Legionella bacteria in the hospital’s domestic hot water system to safe levels. The hospital was then able to move from their quarterly Legionella monitoring to annual checking to save both time and money.

Had the hospital not been testing proactively, it may not have detected the issue in time to prevent a Legionella outbreak. Now that the hospital has a permanent secondary disinfection system in place and complies with the Ohio EPA’s requirements, it significantly reduces the chances of someone coming into contact with Legionella.

Did You Know Your Cooling Tower Could Be Putting Your Facility in Jeopardy?

A cooling tower that isn’t properly disinfected and physically cleaned can put your facility at risk of a Legionella outbreak. That’s why all CMS-regulated facilities are required to have a water management plan. We understand that this can be a lot to manage with the other tasks you have to handle, so we’re here to help. Solid Blend specializes in water management and can ensure your water safety. We conduct ASHRAE 188-compliant cooling tower disinfections and physical cleanings in both fall and spring to help provide you with a safe water system year-round. We’ll also provide you with documentation to add to your CMS-compliant water management plan.

Did You Know?

Repair and replacement of tubes damaged by oxygen pitting from improper steam boiler storage can cost you up to five times what it costs to do a preventative layup. We can help you run your facility and protect your valuable infrastructure.

Proper Steam Boiler Storage

Was your steam boiler properly stored over the warmer months? During the summer, facilities take steam boilers offline because they aren't necessary for heat or humidification. But without a proper storage or layup procedure, oxygen pitting and corrosion problems can occur. These issues aren't typically detected until the colder months when steam boilers are back in use. The damage from an improper layup is permanent and requires shutting down the system, hiring contractors and replacing the tubes. Get your facility started on a preventative procedure to save you the headache of a costly, messy situation—and start the new year off right.