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January 2021 Newsletter



Note from the President


Happy New Year, Friends!


We’re looking forward to leaving 2020 behind us, and welcoming the change of a new year. As we reflect on what last year brought us, we are thankful for you, our health, and the amazing team here at Solid Blend. Now, more than ever, we are committed to safeguarding your water through quality customer service and cutting-edge water management and environmental solutions.


If you remember in our last newsletter, we announced that we were offering a scholarship for a business development course with Aileron, and more in-depth, intentional individual coaching sessions from Real Change. In November, we announced Angela Peterson, facilities manager at Dayton Metro Library, as the scholarship recipient. This month, she will be completing the "Activating Professional Management" course with Aileron, and will then complete six leadership coaching sessions with Real Change. Angela exhibited a sincerity and eagerness to learn and grow from this opportunity that we couldn’t resist. She fully grasped our vision for this opportunity, and we believe what she learns from this course and coaching will benefit not only her teams, but library patrons as well.


We’re looking forward to continued growth and success in 2021, and hope you are too.



Lois Elrich, President

Solid Blend Technologies 



A Breakdown of Water Management:

Water Treatment vs. Water Safety


We work with clients throughout the state to safeguard water. What does that mean, exactly? Our certified water technologists and environmental group case managers work with our clients to deliver water management solutions that keep water free of harmful bacteria, and protect their HVAC systems. 


Water Treatment programs are managed by our Water Technologists, and protect HVAC systems and equipment from scale, corrosion, and microbiological activity. Ultimately, this service includes regular water analysis, data collection, remote monitoring, and check-ins – as well as an on-call support team, ready to perform cleanup and disinfection services if needed.


Our environmental group manages Water Safety, and works with clients to outline specific protocols for managing water systems, and mitigate the risk of Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens. We follow ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2018 and regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as local and state regulators when building these programs. This ensures that our clients are in compliance every step of the way.  



Peters Cartridge Factory and Dayton Arcade: Solid Blend's Partnership with TP Mechanical

Soon we’ll be celebrating the opening of the Dayton Arcade, which features nine rehabilitated buildings comprised of mixed-use space including restaurants, retail, co-working, and event spaces. We were hired by TP Mechanical to prepare all of the newly added potable piping (for bathing and consumption). This required a thorough disinfection as outlined by AWWA standards, followed by bacteria testing to validate the disinfection.


The Peters Cartridge Factory is another innovative project by TP Mechanical we recently worked on. Located just south of Dayton, we were tasked with preparing this site's potable water as well. When complete, this historic site will include apartments, retail space, and restaurants, in addition to the brewery that is already up and running. 


We’re always happy to partner with others on projects.

If you know an engineering firm or other organization we could assist,

please contact us.




News & Events


New Guidance for Stagnant Water

Did you know that stagnant potable water can lead to poor water quality and elevate public health risks? The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio Department of Health collaborated to publish guidance around restoration of potable water after vacancy.

Solid Blend Invited to Present at ODH Virtual Conference

A few months ago, we were invited by the Ohio Department of Health to share our expertise during a panel discussion regarding Legionella risk and control in Ohio. We prepared an informational exhibition for public health departments that featured industry best practices, guidance, and standards relating to waterborne pathogens like Legionella. We’re already looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate with ODH, and our continued partnership with health departments from around the state.


Philanthropy is at our Core 


As a small, woman-owned business, we know how community outreach and lifting others as we climb can help everyone. It’s one of the many reasons we are committed to lending our assistance to local nonprofit organizations. In 2020 we had the pleasure of working with the South Community Behavioral Center, the Ronald MacDonald House, and Good Shepherd Ministries. We hope that our story of giving is contagious, and inspires you to help your neighbor, however you can.


Lois Elrich Certified by Leading Organization in Emotional Intelligence


Say hello to Goleman EI’s newest certified emotional intelligence coach: our president, Lois Elrich! She completed eight days of in-person training in Austria, and nine months of coursework with Goleman EI. This certification is the latest investment she has made in building a culture of purpose and engagement for our team. Along with the practical lessons, this certification also provides an opportunity for Lois to work with peers, mentors, and teachers worldwide to continue learning of practical applications of emotional intelligence for transformations. Congratulations, Lois!




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