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July 2020 Newsletter



Note from the President


Dear Friends, 


We’ve been inspired by our partners on the front lines over the past several months. As we’ve continued to ensure that our hospital and healthcare facility clients have safe water systems, their commitment to serving and caring during the pandemic has been unwavering. Has your business recently re-opened? If your building was mostly unused during quarantine, water in the pipes may have grown stagnant, thereby increasing the risk of deadly waterborne pathogens like Legionella. Perhaps you’ve got a flushing protocol in place and already testing your water systems and know they’re safe. Please give us a call if you need water management advice or service; we’re happy to help.



Lois Elrich, President

Solid Blend Technologies 



Need to Know


ASHRAE Standard 188 gives direction on what to do to control the spread of legionellosis, but not necessarily how to do it. The new ASHRAE Guideline 12-2020 has the answers. It applies to spaces such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, schools, universities, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and centralized systems in multifamily residential buildings. Buildings with noncentralized water systems, and single-family residential buildings, though not included, may also benefit.



How a Better Water Management Plan Can Save Your Hospital Money

Safe water carries a two-fold benefit. There’s the top priority: clean water, free from the threat of dangerous waterborne pathogens. But then there’s the secondary benefit: savings that can help you more closely manage your budget.


Savings and risk reduction go hand in hand. Here’s how:

·    Your equipment will run longer and better. Scale, corrosion, or oxygen pitting can put your facility at risk of HVAC equipment inefficiency and even failure. Planning for routine system maintenance can help your HVAC equipment last years longer, with efficiency that saves thousands in utility bills every year.

·    You’ll avoid costly expenses caused by Legionella. There’s no way to detect Legionella in your water system except regular testing, which can help you shut down bacterial growth before it becomes an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease costing loss of life, and millions in remediation and legal action.

·    You’ll increase compliance, and decrease time and money spent correcting issues identified by inspectors. A good plan can help you not only stay safe, but also meet compliance requirements of CMS and ASHRAE-188.


If you don’t have a water management plan — or haven’t opened yours in months — now’s the time.



News & Events


Empty Building? Possible Big Water Problems

Months of no running water in your building can lead to big problems. The Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio EPA recently warned businesses, saying, “stagnation of potable water within plumbing can lead to deterioration of the water quality, including loss of disinfectant residual, microbial growth, accumulation of sediments and metals, and increased disinfection byproduct formation.” Find their full guidance for re-opening here.


Our own Ken Elrich was interviewed by the Dayton Daily News on the topic. You can read his thoughts on how to safely re-open your business here.

Attend ASHRAE's 2020 Virtual Event


ASHRAE is offering a virtual conference that features 80 on-demand sessions and 12 live sessions for $99. With live forums, the latest information related to COVID-19, virtual networking happy hour sessions, and more. Learn more here.





Industry News


Solid chemicals offer safety and versatility in many applications, including social distancing. With the ability to safely ship, store, and use, solid chemicals remove the risks associated with handling less stable, hazardous liquids. Solid Blend is a leader in solid chemicals, and we’re happy to help you find the right solution for your water management program. Contact us anytime to learn more.


Honoring the Memory of Our Own Chris Albrecht


Solid Blend is a small company, and every member of our team feels like family. We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Chris Albrecht, who served as a financial and leadership advisor to Solid Blend. Chris ran his own accounting firm, and everyone who came in contact with him immediately felt his genuine warmth. It was impossible to spend time in his company and not feel better. We will always miss his expertise and servant heart.



Chris (third from left) participates in a Values Proposition workshop with the Solid Blend team.