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Proper Steam Boiler Storage and Upcoming Legionella Summit

Note from the President

You're on the front lines of water safety.

As your partner, we want to make sure you're always prepared, whether it's ensuring patients continue to be taken care of when a water problem arises or when you're in the midst of standard change-of-season maintenance. Please read on for examples of how we can help in those areas.

We also want to serve as an educator on water issues facing the healthcare industry. We're hosting the Legionella Summit once again on November 13 and look forward to discussing important issues that face the industry.

Have a happy and safe summer.

Lois Elrich, President
Solid Blend Technologies 

Breaking News!

An update to the CMS requirements was just released and we’d like to point out a few of the highlights for you:

  • CMS does not require water cultures for waterborne pathogens; these testing protocols are up to the provider. 
  • LTC surveyors expect that a water management plan, including a facility risk assessment and testing protocols, is prepared for evaluation but will not cite facilities for the specific risk assessment or testing protocols in use. A future update will provide further guidance on LTC surveyors and processes. 

For the full memorandum, click here.

Solid Blend's Legionella Summit

Save the date!

The Legionella Summit will occur on Tuesday, November 13 at the Sharonville Convention Center. Hear from Legionella treatment experts who will shed light on the 2017 CMS regulations and how you can simplify compliance, as well as many other subjects. Watch for more information about the Legionella Summit soon.

Non-invasive Water Treatment Saves You Time (and Downtime)  

Taking care of patients is a 24/7 job in busy hospitals and long-term care facilities. That's why Solid Blend owns and offers a non-invasive solution to treat your water when safety issues arise. We install a temporary, non-invasive system that allows you to continue caring for patients while we treat your water over the course of 28 days. Solid Blend tests, disinfects and re-tests your water system until we achieve a clean and acceptable sample set. It's just another way we work to maintain healthy water without causing you downtime.

Call us today at (866) 264-8453 to learn more about our non-invasive water treatment options.

Did You Know?

Improper steam boiler storage can lead to oxygen pitting in tubes. Repair and replacement of these tubes can cost you up to five times what it costs to do preventative layup, not to mention downtime. We can help you stay focused on running your facility and protect your valuable infrastructure.

Proper Steam Boiler Storage to Save You Money

During the summer, facilities take steam boilers offline because they aren't needed for heat or humidification during warmer months. Without a proper storage or layup procedure, oxygen pitting and corrosion problems can occur. These issues aren't detectable until the fall, when steam boilers are back in use. Unfortunately, the damage caused is permanent and requires shutting down the system, hiring contractors and replacing the tubes; solutions that are both costly and time-consuming. Solid Blend wants to save you the headache with a cost-effective, simple layup procedure that we use to protect your boiler in the off-season.

Call us today at (866) 264-8453 to discuss proper steam boiler storage.