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Begin Remediation Activities Right Away When You Find Legionella

Legionella Remediation

When You Find Legionella

When Legionella bacteria concentrations are discovered within your facility through Legionella Detection activities, don’t panic but do start remediation activities right away!

  1. Contact a company, like Solid Blend, that has been specially trained in Legionella control and remediation
  2. Follow your Water Management Plan if you have one (see Legionella Control for more information)
  3. Follow all the instructions provided by the experts to prevent human exposure to the Legionella bacteria

As long as Legionella concentrations are present there is an increased risk of people getting Legionnaires' Disease. There is a 25% fatality rate from Legionnaires’ Disease cases affecting immunocompromised individuals such as those found in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other long-term care facilities according to the CDC.

Depending on your facility’s specific situation and where in the water system the Legionella was found, remediation could include:
  • Super heating and/or chlorination of the water
  • Flushing and cleaning of hot water holding tanks and associated equipment
  • The addition of point-of-use filtration in high-risk areas
  • Hyperchlorination and physical cleaning of cooling tower system(s) and/or whirlpool spas
  • Installation and implementation of ongoing control equipment for potable, cooling tower, and other high-risk water systems

If tests have indicated that you have a Legionella concentration somewhere in your water system, please Contact Us today to discuss potential remediation activities to help prevent anyone from contracting Legionnaires' Disease!

WHY You Need Solid Blend

  1. Each of Solid Blend’s water technologists has completed extensive training on Legionella from the world’s best experts as well as the Association of Water Technologies
  2. Our water technologists are experts in water system maintenance and Legionella control and have been actively involved in many short-term and long-term Legionella projects as well as outbreak response situations
  3. Solid Blend is active on the Legionella Task Force Panel with the Ohio Department of Health
  4. Solid Blend is well-versed in the requirements of ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 188-2018 – Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems in which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) is requiring compliance and on which the CDC based its water management recommendations
  5. Solid Blend knows and understands the required EPA regulations and works closely with the Ohio and U.S. EPA on Legionella projects
  6. Solid Blend actively raises awareness of the need for and methods of Legionella control by conducting Summits and training sessions
  7. Our service and equipment solutions will give you confidence that your water systems are secure from water borne pathogens like Legionella and in compliance with best practices and legal requirements