Water Management Seminar Cancelled, Join Us in December
Our focus is always on the safety and health of our communities. Watch for details soon about our winter seminar.

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Service, Product and Equipment Offerings

Industry Leaders

Solid Blend water technologists follow the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) Guideline 12-2000 as well as the ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 188: Legionellosis Risk Management for Building Water Systems.


  • Full Service Water Management Programs
  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
  • Safety Training and On-Site Training
  • System Cleaning
  • Boiler De-Scaling
  • Chiller De-Scaling
  • Closed Loop Clean Up
  • Glycol Evacuation and Removal Services
  • Water Softener Testing
  • Metallurgy Analysis
  • Equipment Installation

Treatment Products

  • Solid / Liquid Chemical Scale and Corrosion Treatment Products
  • Solid / Liquid Micro-biocides
  • Solid / Liquid Seasonal or Long-Term Lay-Up Products
  • Solid / Liquid System Cleaners and De-scaling Products
  • Solid / Liquid White Rust Treatment Products
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Food Grade Glycol

Legionella Control Services

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Remediation
  • Outbreak Response

Legionella Control Systems

  • Monochloramine Generators
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generators
  • Chlorine Systems
  • Copper Silver Ion Systems


"We most appreciate Solid Blend's proactive approach and attitude as a service provider verses chemical sales companies." – Kevin Kiger,
Miller Valentine Group


  • Steam Boiler Water Management Microprocessor Controllers
  • Steam Boiler Water Management Equipment
  • Condenser / Cooling Tower Management Microprocessor Controllers
  • Condenser / Cooling Tower Management Equipment
  • Process Water Management Microprocessor Controllers
  • Process Water Management Equipment
  • Bleed Valve Packages
  • Water Meters
  • Chemical Treatment Pumps
  • Solid Treatment Product Dispensers
  • Closed Loop Filtration
  • Cooling Tower Filtration and Basin Sweepers
  • Process Water / Fluid Filtration
  • Water Softening Units
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • De-alkalizing Units
  • Helios Tube Cleaning Systems
  • Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System
  • Automatic Glycol Feed Stations