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About Solid Blend

I Would Recommend Solid Blend as a Partner for Any Facility

“I am the Manager of Facilities at Southview Medical Center and I have been involved with Solid Blend water treatment for five years. Prior to working at Southview, I had not used "dry" water treatment products and was a little skeptical of the concept, as I was familiar with liquid treatment products only. With the help of Solid Blend Representatives, it didn't take long for me to embrace the concept. The dry product is safer to transport, install and requires less space to store, unlike bulky barrels and drums.

Southview Medical Center is extremely satisfied with Solid Blend's service and knowledgeable staff. They are not limited to HVAC water treatment but provide a wide range of testing, treatment and technical support. We are currently working with Solid Blend to develop a Legionella Testing Program for the safety and health of our patients and reduce liabilities.

I would recommend Solid Blend as a partner for any facility with water treatment, analysis, and testing needs.”

John Gillman, Facility Manager, Southview Medical Center

Always Knowledgeable and Helpful

"Solid Blend Technologies has been a trusted Equipment, Chemical and Service provider to Miami Valley Hospital for several years. Solid Blend has partnered on capital projects as a supplier of major equipment including a 30 Ton Brine System at our Steam Plant. Solid Blend furnishes chemicals and chemical feed systems for a variety of water systems on our campuses. Solid Blend also provides continuous service and support for our systems.

I have had a long standing relationship with Solid Blend Technologies. The staff is always knowledgeable and helpful. Solid Blend Technologies has continually kept us up to date with education on the latest problems and solutions in the water treatment world.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss my experiences with Solid Blend Technologies.”

– Chris Snider CFM , MEP Systems Manager, Miami Valley Hospital

I Would Recommend to Anyone

“Solid-Blend has coordinated the water treatment in our facilities for many years with very good results. We feel they are actively concerned with making sure our facilities are well protected for a reasonable cost. They also have the personal, hands on mechanical knowledge to assist in design and installation that can be customized to meet your needs. Their solid chemical delivery systems are compact and have eliminated the use of liquid barrels.

I would recommend to anyone that is interested in costs, product, and personal service, to let them assess your facility needs.”

– Scott Wolfe, GVMC Maintenance Manager, Grandview Medical Center

A Great Asset to Any Company in Need

“Here at Greene Memorial Hospital (GMH), Solid Blend was integrated into our Facilities Management Program. GMH is embarking on another year with Solid Blend as they have just had their contract renewed. In times of tight budget constraints, if we felt that we were not getting a good return on our investment, Solid Blend's contract would not have been extended.

Solid Blend's program has helped GMH fight and prevent all of the problems associated with untreated city water, thus saving untold numbers of dollars in the reduction of unscheduled downtime, and realize an increase in return of our condensate which in turn means less make-up water which means less chemicals.

Solid Blend would be a great asset to any company in need of water treatment. Great service and a great value.”

– Vernon (Budg) Lauer, Project Manager, Greene Memorial Hospital

Show a lot of Interest in Their Customers

"I think Solid Blend is a very personable company and shows a lot of interest in their customers. It seems like quality is falling by the way side and everyone wants quality, I see that Solid Blend is after the quality of their work."

– Tony Lefeld, Maintenance Manager. Poly Source, Inc.

We Are Extremely Pleased

“Applied Mechanical Systems Inc. has worked with Solid Blend Technologies since its inception in 1999. We recommend Solid Blend to our customers when they need water treatment - we know that Solid Blend utilizes the latest technology and will make sure every system receives the water treatment design that fits that particular system.

Water treatment is a critical component of HVAC systems and that is why we feel secure in being a partner with Solid Blend to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

We are extremely pleased with our partnership and would recommend Solid Blend for its quality products and excellent customer service.”

– Carol Kniesly, Vice-President, Applied Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Would Recommend Your Firm to Anyone

“Buckeye Insurance Group's building was built in 1994 and from the onset, we had problems with the cooling tower. Buildup of biocide and clogging of screens and a buildup of calcium. We were never able to remedy the problems until your firm took over preventative maintenance of the cooling tower.

I am sure our electrical consumption has decreased substantially since the tower does not run nearly as much in hot weather and the cooling water even looks totally different than in the past.

We certainly are pleased with your services and would recommend your firm to anyone in the industry that has water control needs.”

– James M. Tyson Building Manager, Buckeye Insurance Group

Highly Recommend Their Products and Services

“I have seen the chemical treatment results that Solid Blend Technologies has provided at Grandview and Southview Hospitals. I know they have a number of years’ experience in power plants and are knowledgeable of the equipment they service. I am impressed with the results of their treatment practices and personal service. From the results of what I have personally seen I would highly recommend their products and services.”

– Benjamin F. Auwnspaw, President, Combustion Equipment Co., Inc

Thank You So Much!

“I've just learned that Solid Blend Technologies is providing the quarterly inspection and testing of the water in our heat pump free of charge. Thank you so much!

With your generous gift, you're helping us help the kids. You help make it possible for us to provide the youth who show up at Daybreak with safe shelter, nutritious meals, caring encouragement, and so much more.

We couldn't do what we do without your support. I'm deeply grateful for your commitment to Daybreak and the homeless kids we serve. Thank you again.”

– Linda L. Kramer, Chief Executive Officer, Daybreak

Truly Provides Customer Service

“After 20 years in this business, I have finally worked with a water treatment technician that knows what he is doing and truly provides customer service. So many times in the past, I get the song and dance only to open up the chillers a year later and find them a mess. If I can get the treatment guy to return my calls, he generally wants to sell me some more of his "secret recipe of the month".

Fortunately, Solid Blend Technologies is lending some credibility to this field of art and science. I have had 2 problem jobs over the years that we could never clean up and keep clean. After 2 full years of treatment I can say that the problem is gone. Finally, a water treatment company that knows what they are doing. If you are interested in getting in touch with them, give me a call. I have all of their contacts and can have them on the phone immediately.

Thanks for all of your business this past year and let's look forward to a reliable cooling season.”

– Pierce Ferriter, Manager, Existing Building Services, Dayton Trane

The Service Provided by This Company is Exceptional

“On 11/01/04 the Flowserve Corp. in Springboro, Ohio switched water treatment companies. We chose Solid Blend Technologies from Dayton, Ohio, who came highly recommended by Pickrel Brothers Plumbing Supply; we had previously used several other vendors for 14 years. The system in use is two separate closed loop systems, one is for the main plant which consists of many heat exchangers, and 3 Liebert AC units through a cooling tower, the other one is for a separate process consisting of an Intrusion press which contains a heat exchanger, water jackets for the barrel and its own cooling tower.

The chemical delivery system suggested to us by Solid Blend was a liquid system to dispense three separate chemicals, an anti-scalant, anti-fouling, corrosion inhibitor. An organic penetrant and bromine based biocide. These chemicals are delivered by a Microprocessor separate electronic metering pumps, and the bromine is in tablet form put directly into a Brominator.

Due to the shutdown of this facility we will not be able to see the full benefits of this system. In the few months that we had this in service, we had begun to see great improvements in our water quality and also a tremendous savings in water usage! was realized. The service provided by this company is exceptional, our water technologist, was here on a weekly basis for the first 2 months after the installation checking on water quality and to bring our system under controls set by Solid Blend. We were given weekly reports on water quality, with suggestions to improve our overall systems; this is a type of service we had not experienced with our other vendors. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a "customer oriented", "service oriented", water treatment company.”

– James M. Lewis, Facility Technical Specialist, Flowserve Corp.

Very Satisfied With the Service

“We have been using the services and products of Solid Blend Technologies for several years. We are very satisfied with the service and products Solid Blend has supplied.”

– Kiser Brown, Department of County Services, Greene County

Solid Blend Has Exceeded My Expectations

“I have had the pleasure of working with Solid Blend Technologies for the past 3 years. When I look at my supply vendors several criteria are very important. The first is the vendor’s ability to respond to my facility needs along with basic “down to earth” customer service. In both respects Solid Blend has exceeded my expectations.

We are very pleased with the knowledgeable technical staff and the fact that one technician is assigned to our facility.

I would highly recommend Solid Blend to any company in search of a dependable and highly skilled water treatment company with technicians that are honest and dedicated to satisfying the customer. Solid Blend Technologies definitely have their act together.”

– Cliff Wise, Maintenance and Engineering Manager, Miami Valley Publishing LLC

Prompt, Courteous, Professional Service

“I thought I would take a moment to thank you and your technicians for the manner in which our open and closed HVAC water loops have been maintained over the past 9 years.

While we receive prompt, courteous, professional service, I most appreciate your proactive approach and attitude as a service provider, versus chemical sales company.

Kevin R. Kiger, CPM® Senior Property Manager, Miller-Valentine Group

Very Customer Friendly

“After many years of having you as one of our vendors, I felt compelled to let you know how appreciative I have been for the support that your company provides.

After going through three or four other vendors we were frustrated enough to give the field of water treatment a try ourselves. We soon realized it was more of a specialty and science than we had given credit.

Once we established a partnership with you we were able to focus on what we do best and leave the water treatment to a professional.

Your employees have been very customer friendly and most important to me, real. It has been nice to work with a company that focuses on service and lets the other product offerings follow behind. It has never been about chemical sales."

Doug Walker, V.P. / C.O.O. Service, Rieck Group L.L.C.

Thank You for Your Professionalism

“Setex Inc. water quality at our cooling towers has improved greatly since Solid Blend took over our water treatment program July 2009. I have been with the company eight years and I have never seen our west plant cooling tower water clear.

Before Solid Blend took over our water treatment program, I thought cooling tower water looked orange-red. We had a severe iron scale problem and it appear that the iron problem is under control. Not only have you clear up our iron problem, but is saving our company approximately $30,000/year in submersible pump repairs.

Thank you for your professionalism and problem solving skills.”

Richard Caruthers, Plant Engineer, Setex Inc.

Very Good at What They Do and Are Very Dependable

“Solid Blend Technologies has been working with us on our boiler water treatment for the 12 years. They are very good at what they do and are very dependable. In the past we have always had trouble getting treatment people to show up this has never been a problem with Solid Blend Technologies.”

Ed Curtis, Maint. Supv., Tipp City Board of Education

Services They Have Provided Have Been Exemplary

“As a customer of Solid Blend Technologies the services they have provided have been exemplary. Solid Blend has gone beyond the call of duty in his efforts to help us. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking help with their water treatment for boilers.”

Jim Kaster, Supervisor of Facilities, Troy City Schools

Professionalism and Guidance

“We would like to thank you and your staff for the professionalism and guidance working with us on the Automatic Tube Cleaning (ATCS) project at Grandview Hospital. The scope of work, engineering drawings and guidance provided by your company was a major part of the success of this project. We especially appreciated your help when a change in engineering was required. The change from the “T” trap to the “Y” Trap configuration was successful.

Just as we have partnered in the past, this project was no different in the teamwork each company displayed.”

Doug Walker, V.P. / C.O.O. Service, Rieck Group L.L.C.