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Our focus is always on the safety and health of our communities. Watch for details soon about our winter seminar.

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Are you properly storing your boiler? Take this quiz.

As temperatures rise, your facility’s boiler may not be getting much use.  This is the perfect time to answer the questions below to ensure your boiler is prepared for the off season. 

Proper maintenance and proactive planning can prevent problems, minimize downtime and reduce repairs when you require heat. All of this leads to saved money and increased boiler reliability.

Boilers should be inspected annually to check for leaks, functionality and safety. Additionally, annual checkups should include inspection for corrosion or scaling, which can cause permanent damage and, if not addressed promptly, could result in needing boiler tube replacement.

After proper inspection it is critical that you correctly store your boiler while it is off-line. Did you know that improper storage of your boiler can lead to permanent damage and potential boiler failure?

There are two ways to prepare your boiler for a layup: keep all internal surfaces completely dry or fill the boiler and treat it with corrosion inhibitors. Which one is right for your facility? Take a brief quiz below to find out.

Having a trusted partner help during the inspection and preparation phase of a boiler layup can take some of the stress out of storing your boiler and save your team time. More importantly, an experienced partner can provide guidance to protect you from losing your boiler by recommending and executing the most efficient storage method for your boiler.