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How Solid Blend Manages Water Safety: Mechanical Contractor Edition

Our team at Solid Blend has experience working with mechanical partners to get facilities of all scales up-and-running in industries including healthcare, long-term care, office buildings and industrial facilities.

Having a trusted and experienced partner to manage water safety during the building or renovation phase of a project ensures a smooth opening and provides peace of mind that your project is in alignment with regulatory guidelines. Our experts are specifically trained according to industry standards to protect our clients and keep them in lock-step with the latest regulations.

Here’s a bit more detail on how we support our mechanical contracting partners to protect their water systems at various levels. It isn’t exhaustive, so if you have questions or would like more information on how we can help your next project, let’s talk.

New Construction:

            Perform AWWA potable piping disinfection and bacteria testing to validate disinfection

            Automate water treatment feed and control equipment

            Administer pre-operational chemicals for system flushing

            Create facility-specific water treatment program

            Perform on-site water testing and build applications for remote monitoring

            Produce detailed specifications and drawings

            Document all activity in accordance with industry, local, state, and federal guidelines

            Manage water pre-treatment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis and de-alkalizers

Service Programs:

            Build process for automated water treatment feed and control equipment

            Create facility-specific water treatment programs

            Perform on-site water testing and build applications for remote monitoring

            Generate detailed electronic service reports following a service visit 

Additional Support:

          Follow ASHRAE 188 standards, ensuring that all activities (disinfecting, physically clean, inspect water sides of cooling towers) are in alignment with latest standards

          Provide and administer Glycol product to a closed loop system, and manage analysis of performance to determine the volume of Glycol needed for the closed loop system (known as Glycol loop sizing)

          Provide automated glycol feed systems

          Clean contaminated glycol systems

          Perform white rust passivation on new galvanized cooling towers

          Descale chillers and steam boilers

          Clean fouled closed loop systems

          Manage and monitor cooling tower and closed loop filtration systems

          Provide borescope services (inspect boiler chillers)