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Is your water management plan ready for the seasons to change?

Trees and flowers starting to bloom mean at long last we’re welcoming spring. While you’re taking care of routine facility maintenance, don’t forget about cooling tower disinfection.

A thorough, physical cleaning of your cooling tower is a must to both ensure a safe water supply and keep your system running smoothly. And don’t forget that it’s now part of the CMS ASHRAE 188 requirement, so it’s a critical factor in protecting a payor source for your organization as well.

A sharp uptick in Legionella outbreaks means it’s more important than ever to take the right steps to prevent a potentially deadly issue at your facility.

To perform well and keep your water supply safe, cooling towers should be disinfected and physically cleaned twice a year. What can you do to keep your facility’s water system safe and ASHRAE 188 compliant? Following these three steps sets a firm foundation:

  1. Complete an ASHRAE 188-compliant spring cooling tower disinfection and physical cleaning.
  2. Schedule a fall cooling tower disinfection, physical cleaning and system lay-up.
  3. File documentation to your CMS-compliant water management plan.

A water management program partner vendor can not only help take some of this workload off of your team’s busy shoulders, but the best ones will also support your compliance efforts with detailed records, make service recommendations that protect your budget and your facility, and stay abreast of changing technologies and laws so that you receive accurate service.