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Jobs, Pains and Gains: the Unique Problem-Solving Tool We’re Using Now

Last month we shared that we’re digging deep and doing some self-reflection to prepare our organization to be the best partner it can be for the facilities we serve. This month, we completed our second day-long workshop with Aileron, a Dayton-based non-profit that helps small businesses grow and connect with their customers. Our top management, leadership, front-line workers and vendor partners came together to roll up our sleeves and dig into what frustrates our customers and how we are able to help.

We interviewed facilities managers and infection prevention managers at hospitals in Southwest Ohio and Michigan to put ourselves in their shoes, and learned a lot about their jobs. Specifically, where they are experiencing frustrations, annoyances, hurdles and successes.

Your pain points probably sound a lot like theirs:

  • Cumbersome approval processes
  • Facility failures
  • Crisis management
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of connection to the C-suite
  • Employee turnover

We then asked ourselves, what can we do to help our partners relieve some of these pain points, and further, how can we assist in creating more wins? We want to identify and capitalize on opportunities for our expertise to create gains for your team, because as your partner we’re invested in your success.

  • How can we make life easier?
  • How can we create time or money savings?
  • How can we fix under-performing solutions?
  • How can we limit or eradicate common mistakes?

We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for many of the challenges our clients face; each set of pain points will require a collaborative and custom solution. We don’t have just one idea or just one fix - we are committed to delivering outstanding service and creative solutions to conquer the pain points your team is facing. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and we’ll be on our way to creating your tailor-made water management program.