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Love Your Rolling Luggage? Thank Innovation. Next Up: Us

If necessity is the mother of invention, then feedback and innovation are the cool aunt and uncle polishing everything to perfection. Did you know the wheeled suitcase, as we know it today was born from the invention of Bernard D. Sadow? Sadow was working at a luggage and coat manufacturer when on a business trip he found himself fumbling around an airport with two heavy suitcases. He noticed an airport employee effortlessly maneuvering a heavy machine using a board with wheels attached to the bottom. The idea hit him like a ton of bricks, why not add wheels to the bottom of a suitcase?

So, he did it. He attached four casters from a wardrobe trunk to a large travel suitcase and his invention changed the way we travel. Decades later, a new version of Sadow’s travel case would take the airline industry - and soon after the everyday traveler - by storm.

Fast forward to airline pilot Robert Plath. He was not a fan of Sadow’s four-wheeled travel bags that could be unwieldy and hard to maneuver. He had the idea to affix two wheels and a long, ridged handle to the suitcase so that it could be rolled upright. Fast forward to today: we have bags that rotate 360-degrees, have the ability to weigh themselves, charge your phone and fit a weeklong vacation’s worth of clothes.

In thinking about what we could do to improve our services and tailor our offerings to what our clients need, we reached out to a fellow Dayton company, Aileron, to help us focus on what is important and align our team. We recently participated in a two-day session with our Aileron consultant and worked through exercises to plan for future growth. We were particularly excited to embark on a series of interviews with our customers to learn more about their daily challenges and what would make their jobs easier.

We want to become the best partner we can for facilities like yours. We’re embarking on an endeavor to learn more about you, your frustrations and your triumphs. We’re excited to be on this adventure of innovation and improvement and would enjoy it if you would come along. If you’d like to participate and provide feedback to our survey, we’d love to hear your thoughts, please send us an email to Will this lead us to second-best solution, after wheeled luggage? Stay tuned.