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The 10 Most Common Questions About Legionella Management. How Many Can You Answer?

Legionella is a complex bacteria, and keeping your water systems safe from it presents a host of challenges. Whether you have highly dynamic water distribution systems, varying daily usage, new construction or you’re just trying to meet government regulations, you likely have questions (and you’re in very good company).

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We get how challenging this work is. Here are some of the questions we hear from clients all the time. Do any of them sound familiar to you? Better yet – how many of them can you answer?

  1. What happens if we don’t receive disinfectant in our main water supply?
  2. Are we in compliance with CMS regulations?
  3. We have a water management plan but it doesn’t include specifics for our facility. What should we do?
  4. Can we execute our water management plan if a crisis occurs?
  5. What disinfectant levels should be in our water?
  6. What do we do if we find Legionella in our water?
  7. Are we required to test for Legionella?
  8. Where should we maintain potable hot water temperatures?
  9. How do we establish a flushing protocol?
  10. Is it complicated to add a secondary disinfection system?

How well did you do? Were you able to answer some, or all? Did you find yourself raising more questions? The good news is that you’ll find answers to these questions – and dozens more – at The Legionella Summit on November 13 at the Sharonville Convention Center. Which leaves us with just one last question: have you made plans yet to attend?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from renowned experts and network with facilities managers and infection prevention pros. Reserve your spot today.