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Closed Loop Water Systems Need Attention Too

Maintaining an Existing System

You will minimize your energy and water costs by having periodic maintenance performed on your closed loop system.

Although your system is called “closed loop” which infers that nothing affects it once it has been started, that is not the case in reality. System leaks cause the loss of corrosion inhibitor and introduce oxygen into the system. These events can cause changes to the chemical makeup of the system’s water which can cause damage to circulation pumps, reduce water flow, block pipes, decrease your water system’s efficiency, and create the need for shut downs.

To keep your closed loop water system free of sediment and bacteria and exhibiting excellent corrosion rates, periodic maintenance is required.

Periodic water treatment can help prevent the problems below. Solid Blend has a proven method to keep your closed loop system running at maximum efficiency, Contact Us to set up your periodic maintenance schedule.

If you see problems like these, it is critical that you get your closed loop water system cleaned and the water treated.
  • Loss of building heating or cooling
  • Increase in energy usage (higher bills!)
  • Water is not clear and/or is discolored
  • Water has a foul odor
  • Circulation pumps frequently leak
  • Bacteria is discovered during analysis

Closed loop cleaning can often restore your system to its designed, energy efficient state but requires your careful consideration of options. Solid Blend’s water technologists will help you evaluate your options and return your closed loop system to the best condition possible. Contact Us Today!

Starting a New System

To minimize your ongoing energy costs by maximizing system efficiency, your new Closed Loop water system should be cleaned and the water properly treated prior to start up. Solid Blend Technologies will ensure your New Closed Loop System will run at maximum efficiency. Contact Us Today!