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Prevent Scale Build-up On Your Steam Boiler to Save Yourself Lots of Money

Even a little bit of scale buildup in your Steam Boiler is going to cost you a lot of money from the additional energy required to run the system. (Use Our Calculator to Figure Your Facility’s Actual Cost of Scale)

1/32” scale buildup = 7% additional energy cost per the Department of Energy

Scale deposits occur when calcium, magnesium, and silica, commonly found in water supplies, react to form a continuous layer of material on the waterside of the boiler heat exchange tubes.

Scale creates a problem because it typically possesses a thermal conductivity less than the corresponding value for bare steel. Even thin layers of scale serve as an effective insulator and retard heat transfer resulting in the overheating of boiler tube metal, tube failures, and loss of energy efficiency.

Any scale in a boiler is undesirable

The best way to deal with scale is not to let it form in the first place. Scale formation is prevented by:
  • Pretreatment of boiler make-up water (using water softeners, demineralizers, and reverse osmosis to remove scale-forming minerals)
  • An ongoing water treatment program
  • Proper boiler blowdown practices

Scale Build Up

This was the unsafe condition of two fire tube boilers when Solid Blend Technologies was asked to take over water treatment at this steam plant.

Solid Blend performed Emergency Clean Up, automated the addition of chemical treatment products, added a water softener, and started a regular maintenance program for this new customer.

In the year following the service, this SBT customer saved $20,000 in natural gas costs – a $12,000 ROI above the ~$8000 cost of the SBT equipment and services.

Ongoing water treatment will help prevent scale buildup. Solid Blend Technologies has multiple proven methods that will keep your boiler system running at maximum efficiency. Contact Us to discuss which method would work best for your facility and to set up your initial consultation.

If you already have scale buildup, Steam Boiler cleaning can often restore your system to its designed, energy efficient state but requires your careful consideration of options. Solid Blend’s water technologists will help you evaluate your options and return your boiler system to the best condition possible. Contact Us Today!