Three reasons why you need a partner in Water Management

We surveyed our network, including personnel from hospitals, manufacturing and distribution facilities, government, and commercial office buildings, and more, to see how having a Water Management Program vendor has benefitted their organization, and specifically their team. We weren’t surprised by the top three benefits they identified.

  1. No Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.
    • While not surprising, the top reason selected by a vast majority of the professionals we polled was that partnering with the right vendor to create and execute a Water Management Program prevents outbreaks. A comprehensive Water Management plan protects a building and its users from contracting harmful and potentially fatal illnesses by preventing waterborne pathogens, like Legionella, from forming and growing in their water systems.
  2. Peace of mind knowing industry best practices are being followed.
    • Having a trusted vendor, like Solid Blend, to manage your Water Treatment Program and Safety needs has benefits beyond outsourcing tasks. With Solid Blend, you also get the knowledge and expertise that comes with decades of experience. We are committed to continuous learning – and provide more than 1,000 hours of continued education opportunities for our team members, including industry-specific degrees, certifications, and informational seminars.
  3. Rapid Response when needed, and no bad press due to disease outbreak.
    • As your Water Management Vendor, Solid Blend guarantees to be at your facility the same day an outbreak occurs to help prevent further human exposure and bring the situation under control. We will work with you to identify and institute preventative measures to stop the outbreak. If Legionella is found, an already-prepared, comprehensive media kit can help you navigate media attention and even use it as an opportunity to educate on the importance of proactive testing. Solid Blend’s media kit is always available to clients, along with expert advice.

Learn more about what the professionals had to say and why it is crucial to partner with the right vendor to manage your Water Management Program including regular HVAC service and maintenance by downloading our FREE white paper today.