10 Things We’re Thankful For This Year

10 Things We're Thankful For This Year


What a year it’s been at Solid Blend! While we could probably write a novel on all the things and people we’re thankful for, we think we’ve narrowed it to just these few. (Although, if you’d ever want to read our “Things We’re Thankful For” book, let us know. We’d happily write it.) Here goes: This year, we’re thankful for…

1. Safeguarding water.

From routine water management and remote monitoring to rapid response, our first priority, our biggest goal, and our mission is to safeguard water.


2. Building something new.

We’ve worked alongside new construction partners this year to make sure the people in newly built or renovated businesses, high schools, colleges, hospitals, community organizations and more have safe, healthy water.

3. Teaching and learning.

In an industry and health landscape that is ever evolving, we recognize the importance of staying on top of the latest news, legislation, and standards. Our team committed to more than 1,000 hours of continuing education this year.  

We’re also proud to provide an opportunity to teach and learn at our annual Water Management Summit. Stay tuned for more information about the 2024 Summit – coming soon! For now, save the date for March 28, 2024 at Topgolf in West Chester, Ohio.

4. Humbling recognition.

It’s been an honor to be recognized for our hard work this year. We’re grateful to have received accolades for Merit in Construction by Associated Builders and Contractors, Best Workplace in Ohio by Ohio Business Magazine, Healthiest Employer by Springbuk Health Intelligence, and Family & Private Business Honoree by the Goering Center.


5. The opportunity to help you prepare and protect.

The change in seasons always brings a change in your water management. We’ve protected boilers and cooling towers this year with cleanings and layups.

Speaking of, as the cooler temperatures hit, is your equipment prepared? Glycol is essential to protect your air-cooled chiller and HVAC equipment from freezing. We’re ready to help you prepare. (Don’t mind us with our not-so-shameless plug.)

6. Responding rapidly.

Rapid Response. It’s what we do. It’s a value we live by at Solid Blend. It’s quite possibly the most important service we offer. This year was no shortage of quick, efficient, compassionate service to our clients.


7. A strong culture.

From our daily check-ins and “The Pulse” survey, to the annual fishing trip and Dayton Dragons game, to a carefully curated onboarding and retention plan, we’re thankful for another year of cultivating our strong, sustainable, super-totally-amazing-and-incredible-culture.


8. Our clients.

Over the years, we’ve served more than 275 clients throughout Ohio. This year, it’s been exciting to add new partnerships to that list. It’s also been an honor to continue to serve long-term partners of more than 15 years.

To our clients, thank you for your unwavering trust.

9. Our community.

We’re so proud to not only serve our clients, but also have the ability and opportunity to serve our great community. This year we’re working with Good Shepherd Ministries, the Dayton Ronald McDonald House, and South Community.

To our community, thank you for your continuous support.

10. Our team.

We’re not even sure where to start with this one. Wow, our team is incredible. We wouldn’t be able to do all the impactful work we do without a team driven by our mission and purpose. This team really makes work not just a place we all work. They make it so much more.

To our team, thank you for your dedication and passion.

Are you looking for a new water management partner? Let’s add number 11 to the list – we’re thankful you read this blog!  Let’s get to work – together.

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