A Thriving Community: Living Our Purpose

A Thriving Community: Living Our Purpose - Solid Blend Technologies

At Solid Blend, we’re purpose driven in everything we do. From creating customized water management plans, to Rapid Response solutions, to cultivating our company culture, we serve with passion and honesty. Our dedication not only extends to the water management and water treatment services we provide to our partners, but to the support we give to our community.

In fact, it’s written right into who we are as a company.

Our Purpose: To create an environment where our team, clients, and community thrive.

Every year, we work with South Community Behavioral Health, a nonprofit providing care for children, adults, and families in Miami Valley. This year, we had the pleasure of giving gifts to four local families.

A Thriving Community: Living Our Purpose - Solid Blend Technologies gifts

We are honored to commit $17,500 in donations, plus provide $50,000 in services, to our community in 2023.

We’ve embraced organizations that resonate with our Core Values and are proud to be a small part of their greater impact. Read on to learn more about how these partners make an immeasurable difference.

Dayton Children’s Hospital Foundation

Dayton Children’s supports research, advocacy, and technology to provide the best care for their patients. Their relentless pursuit of optimal child health mirrors our dedication as rapid responders, always seeking win/win solutions in healthcare.

Grandview Foundation

Grandview is dedicated to expanding access to healthcare, medical training, and nurturing healthy communities. Their commitment to osteopathic medical education aligns with our value of continuous learning.

Greene Medical Foundation

Greene Medical’s efforts in expanding healthcare services and improving patient experience reflect our commitment to finding innovative and beneficial solutions for all.

Kettering Health Foundation

Kettering Health exemplifies our values of honesty and humility, uniting compassionate care with innovative technology to uplift communities.

A Thriving Community: Living Our Purpose - Solid Blend Technologies Kettering Health
Dayton Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) spans Valley Street, Family Rooms at Dayton Children’s Hospital and Emmett’s Place at Miami Valley Hospital to provide compassionate care and services to families of children with complex medical diagnoses. RMHC’s global support for families showcases our shared commitment to kindness and making a positive, humble impact.

We’re also proud to support their impact with our services by providing and installing four water dispensers with scheduled water testing and point-of-use filtration replacement to safeguard their water.

Wayne Healthcare Foundation

Wayne Foundation supports more than a dozen health education and wellness programs from diabetes education, fall prevention, AED awareness, and more. Their philanthropic collaboration to enhance community education and wellness aligns closely with our dedication to continuous learning and humble service.

At Solid Blend, we safeguard water because we know it ultimately saves lives. We are humbled to support these organizations that strive to do the same. Our clients make community support like this possible. If you’d like to join us, please reach out.

A Thriving Community: Living Our Purpose - Solid Blend Technologies Christmas

Thank you to our partners, our team, and our community for trusting us to support and serve you this year. We are so proud to be a part of this great community.

From the Solid Blend team to you and yours, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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