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Scale Buildup Calculator

Scale Buildup Calculator

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins





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As Ohio’s leading water safety and management provider, we understand the breadth and depth of resources available to our clients. We’ve got you covered.


We know what you’re doing on March 23.

Everything you want to know about this year’s Water Management Summit, plus registration is now OPEN!

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Our joy comes from giving.

When we think about Christmas, we think about giving. What brings us the most joy is seeing joy in others. 

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Pumpkin pie and clean condensers.

Thanksgiving’s golden question – what are you thankful for? Watch how our Solid Blend team answered.

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10 Reasons You Need a Water Management Partner

The benefits for you, the advantages we offer, and our take on the best partner around… spoiler alert, it’s Solid Blend.

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3 Things to Know About Your Cooling Tower This Fall

Are you ready for the winter? Here’s the lowdown on cooling tower shutdowns this season.

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Legionella is on the rise. Are you prepared?

What’s in your water? Proper Water Management can help mitigate risk and prevent disease from bacteria like Legionella.

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What do an eraser, a drum set, and guacamole have in common?

Meet Chris Miller, case manager at Solid Blend, and hear from him on how — and why — he’s passionate about safeguarding water.

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Ten Things You Should Know About Solid Chemistry

An in depth look at what solids are, what they’re not, and how they can benefit your facility.

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Is scale buildup in your chiller or steam boiler costing you an extra $10,000 every year in electricity? Or an extra $30,000? How much is acceptable? Calculate how much you could save in reducing scale buildup here.

Chiller/Cooling Tower Cost of Scale

Scale buildup? How much is it costing you? The amount can easily run into five figures. Estimate your potential electrical energy costs here.


Steam Boiler Cost of Scale

Does your steam boiler have scale buildup? It’s a common issue, and one that could be costing you tens of thousands in electrical bills. Estimate how much scale buildup is costing you here.


Technical Bulletins

Are you looking for best practices to ensure a safe seasonal cooling tower layup or startup? Ways to avoid failure of your closed-loop mechanical seals? Proper treatment to protect your condensate system? Using what we’ve learned in our 20+ years of experience, we’ve written the following technical bulletins to provide useful information to help keep your water systems safe and working properly.

If you’d like to learn more or want to recommend a technical bulletin topic, feel free to REACH OUT TO US.

FAQ: Find Answers Here

Whether you have questions about water treatment, safety, maintenance or waterborne pathogens like Legionella,
we’re here to help.

Please CONTACT US anytime for more information.

Water Management is a customized program designed to safeguard the water used throughout your facility. We optimize your potable, HVAC, and process water systems to reduce water and energy usage, operating expenses, the risk of waterborne pathogens and equipment downtime; all delivered with unparalleled attention to detail and focused customer service.

Scale, corrosion, or Legionella in your chiller and cooling tower system can put your facility at risk of equipment inefficiency, failure or a Legionnaires’ outbreak. Even a small amount of oxygen pitting can cause serious problems and steam boiler failure. Minimal scale buildup can cost you thousands of dollars annually with increased utility costs. Our experts evaluate your needs.

We can help ensure your Water Treatment Program aligns with AWT standards, ANSI/ ASHRAE 188-2018 Legionella standards, and CMS regulations and keep your chiller, cooling tower, and steam boiler systems up and running.

Newly renovated or installed potable piping distribution systems demand disinfection to kill bacteria before being brought on-line. Let us take the hassle and headache out of this critical detail. We’ll help you meet AWWA standards – including sampling, disinfection, testing, and documentation.

If you’re a CMS-regulated facility, you’re required to have a Water Management Plan. The lack of one can threaten not only the safety of your water, but also your CMS reimbursement and star rating. Our primary focus is hospitals and assisted living communities, and we have decades of experience in facilities of every size. We can help you develop a Water Management Plan AND provide the services you need to stay safe and compliant with ASHRAE 188 and CMS.

Let’s talk about how potable water monitoring, secondary disinfection systems, cooling tower disinfections, physical cleanings, lay-ups, and documentation can support your compliance and safety initiatives.

We manage HVAC, and process water systems at optimal levels to minimize your facilities’ energy and water usage. When you lower your utility costs, you save money.

We offer Legionella controls services and systems, water treatment products, water treatment equipment, and full-service monitoring, testing, and analysis.

We can help your facilities with proven, cost-effective, environmentally friendly products to meet your water treatment requirements. The products we offer are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and provide the same – if not better – results than traditional products.

There are several factors you need to consider when weighing the risk of Legionella in your water:

  • Stagnant water – has water been stagnant for days, weeks or months? Stagnant water can exist in unused floors or wings of a building; during renovation or construction; during a building shutdown.
  • Construction or renovation – new piping must be carefully flushed to ensure the safety of the water it transports.
  • Water Treatment Program not aligned with AWT or ASHRAE Standard

Legionella bacteria occur naturally, but the illness, risk of death, and disruption of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak doesn’t have to. Let our experts use their proven methods – including alignment with the nation’s most experienced Legionella third-party labs – to help you with everything from monitoring, to remediation and controlling Legionella.  Our nimble size and customer focus mean we’re here for you – fast.

Our Rapid Response program helps contain the risk when Legionella is found, quickly remediating and getting you back online with minimal disruption. Count on us to:

  • Respond the same day, 24/7.
  • Prevent, detect and remediate.
  • Work with your leadership, infection prevention, facilities teams, local/state health departments, and vendors.
  • Support compliance efforts.
  • Provide ongoing water management service, including start-to-finish plan development.

We understand your busy day pulls you in many directions, and your team may already be committed to daily operations. That’s why our clients count on us to be an extension of their team, on site quickly and quietly to get the job done. As Ohio’s leader in water management for hospitals and assisted living facilities, we frequently collaborate with local health departments, the ODH, the EPA, the CDC, and leading labs. We value education, and you can always count on our team for the most up-to-date information in technology and compliance laws.

Whether it’s the discovery of Legionella in your water or regulation changes that impact your Water Management Plan, we are on standby with the most current information and state-of-the-art technology for response.

Unlike many water management companies, we aren’t here to sell. Our technicians are focused solely on working with you to solve your issues and improve your systems.

As an Ohio woman-owned business, Solid Blend is committed to being responsive to all your needs.

Big, national corporations are prevalent in the water management industry. But the benefits of working with a Women’s Business Enterprise can outweigh even the biggest corporation. Commonly referred to as WBEs, these are independent businesses certified as being at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are American citizens or legal resident aliens.

Solid Blend is owned and led by our president, Lois Elrich, and is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. WBEs are often smaller, so customer service is smoother, bureaucracy is stamped out, and the company can respond more nimbly to its client.

Partnering with a WBE is a tangible way to demonstrate your company’s values such as its commitment to diversity and can even help your organization reach its diverse supplier goals. Check with your purchasing department to confirm your organization’s diverse supplier goals and the budgetary benefits you may incur from working with a WBE.

Many WBEs, including Solid Blend, bring an additional depth of training to the table. Expect insights into corporate culture, employee engagement, new tech innovations, and even how entrepreneurial approaches may help your own organization. WBE owners are often well-connected in their communities, a reflection of their own commitment to serve locally and to grow their small business, which, in turn, can help to grow your connections.

Our blogs are a rich library that covers a broad range of topics, from information on closed loop mechanical seal failures to cooling tower startups to the true cost of a Legionella outbreak. Easy to search and easy to skim, it’s a great resource.

We’ve gathered the most up-to-date Legionella and Water Management resources to help you stay informed on industry guidelines and changes.

Our scale build-up calculator can help you estimate how much scale build-up is costing you, while our technical bulletins provide useful, original information on detailed topics to protect your water systems.