Water Management is a team effort.

Water Management is a team effort.

We’re bringing nationally recognized experts to the Sharonville Convention Center next month for our Water Management Summit, and invite you to join us for an immersive event to learn about waterborne pathogens, HVAC water treatment, water management plans, regulations, and more. You’ll leave with tools and network to make your water management solutions more effective. The Water Management Summit will also cover the latest in Legionella legislation, CMS requirements, professional regulation, and ASSE Standards as well as compelling, first-hand accounts of Legionella outbreak response and outcomes.

“We know the challenges you face in facility management, from keeping up with changes in CMS requirements and legislation, to managing water systems for maximum energy efficiency and budget savings, to protecting facilities from waterborne pathogens like Legionella. The Water Management Summit brings together some of the nation’s leading experts on all these topics to provide education and tools that help you save money, stay compliant, and protect your facility,” says Ken Elrich, vice president of Solid Blend Technologies.

Knowing your water systems are protected can bring you and your team confidence, and time to focus on other facility concerns. Bring the entire team and received a discounted registration fee for each additional team member. Virtual attendance options are available, too. Register today!

Ohio public health department, local health department employees, and EPA-certified water operators can attend at no cost.

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