3 Things to Know About Your Cooling Tower This Fall

3 Things to Know About Your Cooling Tower This Fall

We know summer is coming to an end when we see all things pumpkin spice, sweater weather (kind of), and cooling tower cleanings and layups begin. Those are the things you think of too, right? Here at Solid Blend, they sure are!

“My air conditioning isn’t always on, but it isn’t quite off for the year, yet. What do I need to do when I turn it off for the season?”

If that sounds like you, here are three things to know about your cooling tower this season.

1. Your cooling tower needs to be cleaned.

Picture this: your family in and out of your car after a summer full of beach days, puddle jumping in the rain, and road trip snacks. Sand and Goldfish crackers everywhere, right? Sounds like it’s time for a deep cleaning! The same goes for your cooling tower, minus the Goldfish of course. After a season of use, anything needs a good cleaning.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, cooling towers not in use year-round should undergo cleaning two times a year. If you already know you need to schedule your seasonal service, skip to the head of the line and we’ll get you scheduled.

“Cleaning” includes a few things when it comes to your cooling tower:


We’re big fans of surprise parties, but not when it comes to your cooling tower. Before shutting down your system for the season, it’s important to make sure it’s functioning properly so you won’t have any (not-so-fun) surprises when you restart in the spring.

Our team of experts at Solid Blend inspect your system for any signs of damage or corrosion so those issues can be addressed now – not later. We also perform pre-and post-cleaning pathogen testing. Again, so any remediation can be performed now if necessary.


Not only does your cooling tower require a cleaning to break down gunk buildup and bacteria, it needs to be disinfected, too. Disinfection rids your HVAC system of any bacteria now and ensures bacteria microbes don’t reappear when you restart your system in the spring.


After inspection and disinfection, your system should be physically cleaned in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 188 Standard. This is the not-so-glamorous part, but the oh-so-important part!

It doesn’t stop there. Next up, your layup.

2. Your cooling system needs a layup.

We’re not talking basketball, here. After your cleaning, your layup sets you up for the cold shutdown season ahead.

ASHRAE Guideline 12-2020 recommends that your entire system is drained. But, it’s important to remember draining alone isn’t enough to protect your HVAC system throughout the winter. Your condenser piping and cooling tower should be coated in layup material to ensure a safe, corrosion-free and bacteria-free shutdown and startup.

What you’re expecting in terms of your system shutdown will determine what kind of layup you’ll need. If you are shutting down your system completely, you will need a “dry layup.” If you expect you may need to restart your system during the off-season, you may need to consider a “wet layup.” Check this out for a detailed look at the steps for both a “dry” and “wet” layup.

3. Your cooling tower shutdown isn’t just routine.

Maintaining your HVAC systems isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a year-round commitment that isn’t just routine – it’s necessary. It doesn’t just stop at cleanings and layups, either.

Proper maintenance and cleanings in accordance with industry standards saves your team time and money (big plus, right?!); prolongs and protects the lifespan of your equipment; and prevents the potential spread of waterborne pathogens like Legionella. For the Solid Blend team, this isn’t about just another season of cleanings – it’s about protecting your equipment and most importantly, saving lives.


Have more questions about your cooling tower cleaning, layup, and shutdown? Looking to get yours scheduled? You’re in the right place. Our team of experts is ready to go to work for you. Let’s chat.

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