Riding a Motorcycle to the Beach: A Remote Work Success Story 

Riding a Motorcycle to the Beach: A Remote Work Success Story

From processing payments and expense reports, to planning meetings and coordinating event involvement, to managing office and sales team supply needs and inventory, to handling special requests or team needs, to… well, you get the point. We’re thinking of changing the “administrative assistant” title to “doer-of-all-things-whenever-things-need-done-er.” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Say hello to Charise

she keeps everything running seamlessly here without actually being here. You may say, “what?!” We say IMPRESSIVE! Charise works remotely from the Sunshine State, but more on that later.

Charise has a lot of jobs, but one of her most important? Keeping us fed with good food and yummy snacks. (We’re only partially kidding, here.) We like to keep our team happy and a great way to do that is food, don’t you think? If we’re being honest, a big part of our culture is building camaraderie and supporting teamwork. We’ve seen success from coming together over good food – new ideas spark and relationships grow.

When asked to describe Solid Blend’s culture in one word she said, “Collaborative.” Excuse us while we wipe our happy tears. It means a heck of a lot to see that coming from someone who isn’t always in the same office as us. If that doesn’t speak to a strong culture, we’re not sure what does.

Speaking of our culture, Charise is a big part of creating and maintaining it. She helps to welcome and onboard our new team members. She also manages “The Pulse” survey for our current team members – a monthly survey that gauges how our team is doing, and feeling. All feedback is anonymous – and we happily welcome complete honesty.  

Not only does she positively impact our culture, she keeps our office, our company, and our team running smoothly, so our environmental and water treatment group can focus on their (sometimes nitty gritty) work.

Circling back to the Sunshine State. Charise works full time from Florida. Even though we sometimes get jealous of the beach in the background of her video call, her commitment to Solid Blend and our commitment to supporting a healthy work-life harmony really makes this work. Here’s what she had to say about this unique, yet successful, setup.

“I started my career with Solid Blend in July of 2021 and in November of 2021 my husband received a job offer in Florida, so I presented to the company with the option of working remote from Florida when we moved so I wouldn’t have to leave the company. They were completely onboard with the idea and wanted me to succeed.

I feel connected to the team because I have daily virtual meetings with my immediate group, and I have other virtual meetings throughout the month when I can interact with the entire team. Whenever I need help or guidance, I can pick up the phone or email anybody and receive what I need from them.

Last year I had the opportunity to come back to Ohio for 7 weeks and help in the office while one of our team members was out on maternity leave and that was so rewarding. I loved being able to help in that capacity and I know they all appreciated the sacrifice I made being away from my family for that long.”

When asked her preference, she says the beach over the mountains and summer over winter. We’d say that sounds pretty perfect for her! 

What is the best part of your job?

“Knowing that the support of the team is there when you need it. I love to help others be successful at their job and I feel that my contribution to the team improves that aspect.”

We couldn’t agree more! Here at Solid Blend, we believe the most success comes from working together and supporting one another.

How do you see the Solid Blend culture in your day-to-day life?

“The executives and managers in the company lead by example – they are great leaders to all of us. I can see the passion they have to help the people who live and work in the community.”

Are you blushing yet, management team? Solid Blend was started with a vision to create an environment where the team, clients, and community thrive. That starts at the top. 

How does your team take care of your clients?

“I believe it’s a combination of everything we do and how we handle problems that arise. We are professionals who are always determined to figure out the win/win solutions. We respond quickly when somebody needs us. We are honest and we genuinely care about what we are here to do.”

We couldn’t have said this better ourselves. It’s almost like Charise shares the same passion we do. *wink, wink*

If you were an office supply at the Solid Blend office, what would you be?

“A binder because I’m so organized. I write down everything in case I need to refresh my memory. I set reminders for future meetings, deadlines, and birthdays so I don’t forget them.”

We feel like Charise needs a binder just to list all the things she manages, handles, and solves for not only our team, but our clients, too. Gosh, we’re so grateful you’re on our team!

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off work?

“Riding on the back of a motorcycle with my husband or going to the beach.”

We can’t believe we wrote this whole blog and forgot to tell you how COOL Charise is. I mean, come on! I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Dayton, anymore!

Do you want to work with Charise and the rest of our awesome team? We are looking for a Technical Account Manager to join us. Could that be you? Check out all the ways we support our team and apply here.  

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