WBE: Five Factors that Make a Difference

WBE: Five Factors that Make a Difference - Solid Blend Technologies

Looking for a Water Management Partner? Why WBE Certification Matters.

Big, national corporations are prevalent in the water management industry. But the benefits of working with a Women’s Business Enterprise can outweigh even the biggest corporation. Commonly referred to as WBEs, these are independent businesses certified as being at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are American citizens or legal resident aliens.

Solid Blend is owned and led by our president, Lois Elrich, and was certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in 2018. Here are five factors to consider when evaluating a WBE for your water management needs.

1. The benefits of small. WBEs are often smaller, so customer service is smoother, bureaucracy is stamped out, and the company can respond more nimbly to its client. For example, Solid Blend customers can count on our around-the-clock response, and mitigation services delivered within hours or minutes when needed.

2. A way to live your company’s values. Partnering with a WBE is a tangible way to demonstrate your company’s values such as its commitment to diversity, and can even help your organization reach its diverse supplier goals. Check with your purchasing department to confirm your organization’s diverse supplier goals, and the budgetary benefits you may incur from working with a WBE.

3. Depth of services. Many WBEs, including Solid Blend, are committed to offering their clients complementary services and bring additional depth of training to the table. Expect insights into corporate culture, employee engagement, new tech innovations, and even how entrepreneurial approaches may help your own organization.

4. Benefits of networking. WBE owners are often well-connected in their communities, a reflection of their own commitment to serve locally and to grow their small business, which, in turn, can help to grow your connections. How to find a WBE? Word of mouth, LinkedIn and checking with WBENC.org are all viable options.

5. Accessibility to leadership. WBE owners tend to be hands-on and accessible to their clients, so if you have a request for additional services, an idea for how something can be done better or a complaint about how a technician handled recent service, reaching the owner is typically quick and easy.

Want to learn more about working with a WBE-certified water management company? Let’s talk. 

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Timothy Binnig