If you only do one thing to protect your facility’s HVAC water systems, make it this.

Here it is: remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring is just what it sounds like: monitoring your steam boiler, cooling tower, or closed loop systems, remotely. By incorporating remote monitoring into your water treatment strategy, you have convenient access to dosing and measuring levels in your HVAC systems anytime, anywhere. Consistent – and not to mention easy – monitoring helps protect against not only scale and corrosion, but also oxidizes biocides, monitors water usage, conductivity, and all operations.

Sounds cool (right?!), but you may be wondering how, exactly, this works. Here goes.

Say hello to PTSA: pyrene tetrasulfonic acid, sodium salt. For everyone involved, we’ll stick with calling it PTSA. PTSA is often known as “fluorescence tracing” a detectable, colorless, fluorescence dye that when added to solid chemistry and connected to your water treatment controller allow for live monitoring of your water treatment program. Solid Blend’s remote monitoring is a hands-off, worry-free water treatment solution that combines best in class solid chemistry, cloud-based advanced data analytics, 24/7 monitoring and analysis, and predictive modeling—all to take the work–and the guesswork–out of your water treatment program.

To break it down, remote monitoring requires two things: the PTSA and the Water Treatment controller. Our innovative solid chemistry includes PTSA. Solid chemistry helps to remove the bulk, weight, and environmental risk of liquid chemistry. We’ve worked with our trusted partners for decades to establish reliable and accurate remote monitoring for our clients. You can feel confident in our partnership with APTech with their industry-leading solid chemistry.

Ok, now you’re getting it (we told you it was cool!), but now you’re also wondering what’s in it for you.

We’re glad you asked. Remote monitoring from Solid Blend provides the following benefits:

  • Gives you all the information you want at your fingertips, in real time.
  • Precise, consistent dosing of water treatment products. 
  • Streamlines your data with everything in one place.
  • Saves your team manpower, time, and money.
  • Reduces risk and liability.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • A team that follows ASHRAE and AWT standards and guidelines, helping to support your compliance.

That last one was a (not-so-shameless) plug for us – your water safeguarding team.

When it comes to Water Treatment Plans, we always say the best defense for scale buildup and corrosion is a proactive one. We work to not only provide the most efficient custom solution tailored to your facility and HVAC system needs, but also the most cost-effective. Does your Water Treatment Plan include remote monitoring? Let’s chat.